5. Alfalah Investments joins hands with Behtari Capital to Amp Up its Digital Outreach.

The development of new and improved financial services are being cultivated by digital breakthroughs in the tech world. From being able to pay your bills online, to sending money to your loved ones and now; keeping track of your investments, the type financial services available online are increasing day by day.

Keeping in line with the same, Alfalah Investments’ team is always working hard to make your lives as well as your investments, easy! By bringing you a collaboration with Behtari Capital, an initiative of Capital Stake is licensed as a Securities and Futures Advisory company with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). It aims to improve the lives of its users by providing an easy, accessible and digital means of building wealth and reaching financial goals. Behtari provides its services through its app and uses an automated advisory system to provide relevant investment recommendations to its users. Users of Behtari would be able to invest in Alfalah Investments mutual funds via the app, making investments quick, safe and digital!

At Alfalah Investments, we strive to provide our investors with the best possible investment solutions. Our strong conviction in values such as ethics, transparency, unit holders’ interest, sustainable returns and dynamic leadership drives the passion that motivates us to provide the best possible service to all of our customers. We want to make investments accessible for all, so that everyone can benefit from financial services as well as financial education, making them better equipped to manage their finances

Speaking at the occasion, Alfalah Investments’ CEO, Nabeel Malik expressed that “With the ongoing economic situation, it’s high time we as a nation instill the habit of savings and investments amongst ourselves and the people around us. As one of the leading Asset Management Companies of Pakistan, it is our responsibility to not just provide the best investment solutions to our current investors, but also to educate new ones, encouraging them to start investing towards their future from as early as possible. We are proud to join hands with Behtari Capital, as platforms like these are the connecting bridges between the masses and financial literacy”.

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